The best Minecraft Bedrock Edition Texturepacks and automatic port funcion from java packs to bedrock packs!

Our BOT for YOU!

We have our own Discord bot which you can easily invite to your own Discord. With this you can port java texturepacks to bedrock texturepacks and download a lot of texturepacks.
Everything is for free!

  • /category | To see the pack categorys
  • /invite | To invite the Bot
  • /consolepacks | To get packs for console
  • /help | To see all Commands
  • /pack | To search a pack with name
  • /ping | To check the connection of the bot
  • /port | To start the port function of your java pack
  • /portsky | To start the sky-port function of your java pack
  • /resolution | To get a pack by searching a resolution
  • /support | To get help from our staff
  • /vote | To vote for our bot

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